(Español) Diseño Estratégico De Identidad Digital
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A reinvention
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Identity and digital experience design

In the global world, only organizations and brands indispensable to their customers will survive.

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Whether we like it or not, in a globalized and hypercompetitive world, only organizations and brands to become indispensable to their customers, to provide a clear and differential value, will survive.


Under this premise, we developed our identity Manifesto, which reflects our ideas about how in a globalized world, having a strong identity, designed strategically and know how to use the digital world to communicate and engage our target audiences, it seems to be become one of the strategic priorities sooner or later most of the organizations and brands.


Identity Manifesto

In our globalized world …

  • 1. “Only organizations that become indispensable to their customers will survive”.
  • 2. “To be indispensable , first be different”.
  • 3. “The best differentiation combines our essence, our environment and a hint of irrationality”.
  • 4. In the global world, “There is no identity, without digital identity“.
  • 5. “Today, the battle of Identity, is the battle of specialized digital content.“
  • 6. “Forget fear of being copied. You will disappear before they know you were there. “
  • 7. “You will not win the battle of the content, swashbuckling, you need new solutions”.

| Examples of our work

HUESCA LA MAGIA, probably the first Spain inner tourism brand.

Returned stronger to Internet in July 2012.

Huesca La Magia


TUHUESCA, the future of tourism management organizations.

National Award for Tourism Innovation, OPC 2012.



SCATI, video surveillance in a global world.



GALLIZO, innovation and design in concrete.



ARAMÓN, snow is funny.



CERTEST, global biotechnology.



TRANGOWORLD, the adventure is where you are.



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    See about our services:

    | Strategic Identity Design



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