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A reinvention
for making a

A whole universe of opportunities

At Mejora Competitiva, we know that in our world there is a whole universe of opportunities for brands and organisations to grow, to stand out, and to launch a new generation of products and services that will give greater value to our future.

Strategic Marketing innovation

New strategies for organisations and brands that want to change the future

Imagine combining the most competitive strategic marketing approaches with the latest tools and concepts of innovation, of generating ideas, of designing experiences. Using analysis focussing on needs we challenge the strategic assumptions of our clients to identify unexplored opportunities, revising the purpose of the organisation and designing a new offer full of value for the future.

Marketing Myopia

Why do industries halt their growth?

Creative Marketing

Methodology, games and tools to generate ideas and to design people-oriented services

Marketing and service design
What happens if you combine a good market definition with Service Design, Co-creation and Gamestorming?
Because Marketing professionals don’t design services, we design experiences, we offer you the chance to take the lead in the design of a new offer in your organisation with a em market-based approach, to suit the modern world and built on a solid base of design, creativity and innovation tools.

Marketing and digital identity

In a global world, there is no identity without digital identity

Thanks to our experience, we have developed a strategic design approach for digital identity that goes far beyond a technological project. Our approach considers aspects of corporate reputation and image, marketing and digital communication, positioning on search engines and social networks, and also, of course, a wide variety of techniques to make the most of current technology.

Digital identity

7 big secrets of the global world

Foresight: trends and opportunities

Business opportunities and a vision of the future of your sector

7 trends that will change the future

Some of the trends we love

We constantly identify, observe and study the trends that we think will generate a lot of business in the future. These trends may involve changes in consumer behaviour, or new business models or relevant technological advances, we analyse them all thoroughly to understand their bases, we conceptualise them (we give them a name) and we look for companies in the world that were the first to use these trends successfully.
With this information, we are able to identify business opportunities and a vision of the future for a multitude of sectors and companies.

Business research

Innovative research solutions for Marketing, Innovation and Strategy purposes.

We have one of the most complete ranges of research solutions that are state of the art and go one step further: our own brand research community with all kinds of digital research solutions; our innovation community that uses co-creation, open innovation or crowdsourcing models; we collaborate with research panels for national and international studies; ethnography and netnography for studying customers, tribes and communities; … and, of course, all kinds of traditional research techniques.

Innovation community

An example of our research solutions

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